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About us

Electrokinetic Limited provides innovative solutions for remediating unstable slopes and dewatering slurries and sludges based on patented EKG (electrokinetic geosynthetics) technology.

The EKG electrokinetic slope stabilisation system is an adaptable, multifunctional and low- impact construction approach. It combines into a single solution, the synergistic components of electroosmotic ground improvement, enhanced reinforcement and active and passive drainage.

Electrokinetic Limited also incorporate the technology in EKG Dewatering Bags which combine electroosmosis and hydraulic filtration to effect dewatering of materials in containment filtration bags and a method to combine electroosmosis with conventional well-point technology to permit effective in situ dewatering.

The company has pioneered the commercial application of EKG products and processes through an extensive family of patents relating to EKG materials, applications and methods.

Electrokinetic Limited provides the following materials and services:

  • Specialist soil testing services targeted at quantifying design parameters related to electrical and electrokinetic characteristics of soils and other mineral substrates
  • Consultancy services for designing with EKG technology
  • EKG materials including anodes, cathodes, EKG filtration materials and reinforcement
  • DC power equipment and heavy-duty electrical cables

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