EKG Geochemical Soil Improvement

Environmental Sustainability



Construction sequence

In summary the construction sequence is:

  • Clear undergrowth and trim low lying tree branches
  • Install anodes and cathodes in alternating gradient-aligned columns by advancing installation laterally along the slope
  • Install cables and connect to the DC power supply
  • Run treatment for designated time as defined by the design, typically 5-7 weeks with no labour requirement
  • Disconnect cables
  • Install reinforcement.


  1 - Schematic failure surface. 2 - Slope during installation showing preservation of trees and topsoil.
  3 - Anode installation. 4 - Slope climbing rig installing cathodes.
  5 - Array specification. 6 - Electrification setup for active treatment.
  7 - Anodes converted to reinforcement with triple corrosion protection. 8 - Passive action of cathodes in the slope intersecting water bearing layers.

Construction monitoring and verification

During construction several methods are deployed to monitor construction progress and confirm the achievement of key design parameters. These include:

  • In-situ CPTu testing
  • Conducting load testing to confirm anode nail bond strength
  • Monitoring of charge passed and energy dissipated to confirm on-site achievement of design predictions
  • Post treatment sampling of soils to characterise changes in strength, swelling potential, water content, density and plasticity.


Further information

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