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In full scale trials, electrokinetic geosynthetic (EKG) materials retrofitted to belt filter presses have increased the solids contents of sewage cake from ~20% dry solids to ~31% dry solids and diamond mine tailings from ~62% dry solids to ~75 dry solids%.

The former resulted in a 40% volume reduction and prospective cost savings to water companies of £132,000 per belt filter press machine per annum.



EKG fitted belt press at Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa.

  The latter offered the possibility of substantial cost savings to mining companies associated with tailings disposal and management. Details of these trials are available on the case studies page.

EKG materials have applications in ground dewatering including:
• Electrokinetic belt filter press
• EKG dewatering bags for mixed wastes
• In situ dewatering of lagoon wastes

Dewatering of materials using filtration or centrifugation becomes increasingly difficult as the materials become progressively more fine grained. Electroosmosis can aid the dewatering process and is particularly suited to fine grained materials. The benefits of this are particularly evident in materials such as clays, sludges and fine tailings, see graph below.

A belt press fitted with EKG filter belts was trialled at De Beers’ CTP diamond mine, Kimberley, South Africa and produced a solid dewatered cake from material that would otherwise have been pumped in a liquid state to a tailings dam. See Case studies and downloads for further details.

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