EKG In Situ Dewatering



The EKG dewatering process involves topping up of the content during dewatering, therefore the overall volume of material that can be dewatered in one process can range from 2m3 to over 10m3, depending on the solids content and the dewaterability of the waste material.

EKG dewatering bags will operate on a slurry of approximately 0.5% to 10% dry solids and will raise the solids content over a period of 1 to 3 days depending on operating voltage and slurry characteristics.

Typically the final solids contents for an organic slurry is in the range of 15 to 35% and for a mineral slurry 30 to 50% plus. For multipurpose applications, EKG dewatering bags can be emptied by attaching lifting ropes to the two toe loops at the bottom of the bag and rotating and emptying the bag as shown below.

The anode comprises a circular mounting ring and a series of 16 mild steel rods. The rods can be up to 25mm in diameter and are gradually consumed, the rate of which will be dependent on the characteristics of the slurry.

EKG dewatering bags can be operated with or without the use of flocculent and or coagulant. Use of these chemical additives may enhance dewatering and reduce the time required to turn a slurry into a solid.


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EKG dewatering bag activated at 30V producing solid cake at 34% ds.

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